Camp Wanocksett

For nearly a century Scouts have been camping on the shores of Thorndike Pond in the shadow of Mount Monadnock in southwestern New Hampshire. The Wanocksett Experience offers outdoor adventure for Scouts of all ages. Spend time enjoying the property, photographing nature, skiing nearby, or enjoying the most hiked mountain in America.

Campsites: 15

Cabins: 4

Acres: 335

Mountain: 1

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Camp Information

Adirondacks & Campsites

Abnaki Campsite

Abnaki campsite is centrally located to camp across from the Climbing Tower.


Apache Campsite

Located on the western side of camp, this is the largest campsite in camp. The site is very open and has plenty of space for your unit to spread out for the weekend.


Arrowhead Campsite

The Arrowhead campsite is located on the eastern side of camp and is accessible by a road with some parking nearby.


Blackfoot Campsite

Located at the northern end of camp, the Blackfoot campsite has plenty of space for your unit to spread out and be secluded from other units in camp.


Chippewa Campsite

A small campsite that is perfect for a patrol looking for a basecamp while they hike Mt. Monadnock.


Crow Campsite

The only campsite in camp with a private entrance, the site is open and has plenty of space for your unit to spread out for the weekend.


Iroquois Campsite

A campsite great for a larger unit with multiple patrols who want to spread out, Iroquois is centrally located on Ranger Jack Way.


King Philip Campsite

King Philip is the northernmost campsite along Ranger Jack Way and has a private amphitheater for those weekend campfires.


Kiowa Campsite

Kiowa is the the easternmost campsite in camp and has privacy to other campsites in camp.


Merrimac Campsite

The Merrimac campsite is centrally located on Ranger Jack Way and is the camp’s most accessible campsite.


Monadnock Campsite

Monadnock campsite is a medium sized campsite for two small patrols. It is named after the OA lodge who helped construct the site.


Nipmuc Campsite

The Nipmuc campsite is located on a ridge on the western side of camp. The site has access to a composting restroom facility and nearby parking lot.



The Outpost campsite is located at the extreme northern end of camp and is perfect for the unit that wants to have a more primitive camping experience.


Rotary Campsite

The Rotary campsite is located on the western side of camp and has access to a nearby parking lot and composting restroom facility.


Sioux Campsite

The only campsite in camp with a direct view of Mt. Monadnock, the Sioux campsite is large and perfect for those units who want space for patrols to camp.



Grand Monadnock Lodge

The Grand Monadnock Lodge (formally the Green Cabin) is located in the Main Field of the camp and is the perfect cabin for a co-ed unit or multiple units camping together.


Magee Village

The Magee Village is a group of four small cabins and an outdoor gathering area perfect for your unit campout.


Memorial Lodge

Initially constructed to house the camp museum, the cabin is a traditional bunkhouse with seperate rooms for youth and adults.


Waterfront Cabin

The Waterfront Cabin is located in the main field of the camp and has a private firepit and outdoor grill.



Central Lodge

Central Lodge (also known as the Dining Hall) is located in the center of camp and is perfect for your group’s family outing or fundraising bake sale.


CW Day Usage

Does your unit want to use the camp property for the day to hike and explore? Units can use the camp as a basecamp for their day activity. 


Smith Craft Pavilion

The Smith Family Pavilion is a large open air pavilion that can be used for gatherings, trainings, or whatever your unit can think of.



Fall Foliage Photo Hikes

Are members of your group photographers? Spend a weekend at camp enjoying the fall foliage and taking pictures.

Hike Mount Monadnock

Price: $15 / vehicle of 6 occupants

Within walking distance of Monadnock State Park, Camp Wanocksett is a great place to make your base camp as your Scouts prepare the hike the most climbed mountain in the world! Mount Monadnock stands at an elevation of 3,165 ft. and has dozens of hiking trails for all abilities, year-round. Advanced reservations are required to hike trails from the three NH State Park entrances during this time of social distancing. Visit for more information.