Treasure Valley Scout Reservation

Treasure Valley Scout Reservation (TVSR) is a camp full of history and pride. Our beautiful 1,600-acre woodland camping facility spreads across the towns of Paxton, Rutland, Spencer, and Oakham, and surrounds the 89-acre Browning Pond. The camp features 70 miles of hiking and biking trails, a variety of eco-systems and wildlife habitats, and a night-time view of the sky that will inspire the imagination.

Campsites: 14

Cabins: 4

Acres: 1,600

Trails: 70 mi.

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Rental Policies

Reservation note: A reservation cannot be made online less than 48 hours prior to a Friday check-in date. Please contact Kelly at to check availability. 

COVID Rental Guidelines
Payment and Booking Terms

All reservations made online must be paid for at time of booking using a credit/debit card. Units looking to pay for a reservation using a check or funds on a Unit Account must contact the council service center to make a reservation. 

Reservations can only be made by choosing Friday through Sunday date options. If you plan to arrive on Saturday or for day usage, you will still need to make the Friday through Sunday reservation and add your day and arrival time in the note section when checking out. 

Check-In / Check-Out

All reservations are Friday evening through Sunday morning even if your unit is arriving late or departing early. Early-Arrival or Late-Departure must be coordinated 1 week before arrival with the service center.

Weekend Check-In begins at 6:00PM. Units must check-in at the King Cottage (Treasure Valley) or the Ranger's House (Camp Wanocksett) where we collect rosters and show you to your campsite or facility.

Weekend rentals conclude by 11AM on Sunday. Units must schedule a departure time with the Campmaster and must have their facility ready for inspection prior to departure.

Camp Usage
  1. Renters understand that rentals are not guaranteed until payment is received, and may be canceled at any time. Renters and their groups agree to abide by the policies of the Boy Scouts of America, the Heart of New England Council, the camps own policies, and to all local, state, and federal regulations that may apply. They understand that the Camp Ranger and/or their designee has the authority to remove groups or individuals from camp property.
  2. Units must check-in and check-out with the Ranger or Campmaster before entering, using, or leaving camp or any facility.
  3. Domesticated Animals, alcohol, illegal drugs, fireworks, or firearms of any kind are not allowed on camp property.
  4. Open fires require permission of the Ranger or Campmaster.
  5. All areas must be kept clean and in good condition. Trash must be disposed in the dumpster upon departure.
  6. Renters assume all responsibility for the group’s behavior and any cost associated with cleaning and damage attributed to the group during the rental.
  7. All cabins are equipped with smoke detectors as required by State Law. Tampering with, damaging or disabling smoke detectors in cabins may lead to dangerous conditions and is strictly prohibited.
  8. Flames of any type are not allowed in tents or shelters.
  9. Cabins are equipped with fire extinguishers for emergency use only. A fee will be charged for the replacement or recharging of expended fire extinguishers.
  10. Wood should be left in the campsite/cabin for the next group. Please ask the Campmaster or Ranger before taking cut cord wood. Please no cutting or damaging live trees.
  11. Use of any program area (including, but not limited to, the waterfront, shooting ranges, climbing tower, COPE, etc.) require trained staff and can not be used by a unit.
  12. Choices of service projects are subject to the discretion of the Camp Ranger. Only the main roads will be plowed in the winter. Units will be expected to hike into campsites where necessary.
Firewood Policy

One of the things that makes our camps magnificent is the abundance of mature tree growth on the properties. No living or dead trees are to be cut without specific permission of the Ranger. A $15 per inch diameter or $100 penalty, whichever is greater, will be enforced. Importation of firewood from outside of the camp is prohibited per the Heart of New England Council Board of Directors. This assists in the prevention of invasive species, including the Asian Longhorned Beetle and Emerald Ash Borer, from destroying our mature trees. Ample firewood can be found around your campsite in the form of fallen dead wood, and a limited supply of split cordwood is available at the maintenance shop.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations/modifications must be made through the Heart of New England Council Service Center.

  • Cancellations prior to 30 days will receive a full refund to the original payment method used.
  • Cancellations within 14 days will have a 50% fee withheld or are fully transferable to a future reservation.
  • Cancellations within 7 days are non-refundable but may be fully transferable to a future reservation.
  • Cancellations made due to altered or canceled programs at camp, due to extreme weather, or due to extreme circumstances will receive full refunds.

Camp Information

Adirondacks & Campsites

Adirondack Shelters Site A

Adirondack Shelters are three-sided buildings with a roof and offer a great opportunity for adventurous winter/fall campers.


Arrow Adirondacks

The first campsite on the right-hand side of Snake River Road, Arrow is the summertime home of Treasure Valley’s CIT (Counselor in Training) program and is also available for fall-winter-spring camping.  The campsite has two patrol sites with three two-man platforms each, one two-man staff platform (for a platform capacity of 14 people), a completely […]


Baden-Powell Campsite

Nestled in a majestic pine forest, Baden-Powell is located toward the top of the hill in close proximity to major program areas.


Chippewa Campsite

Chippewa is one of the most centrally-located campsites in Treasure Valley, with no more than a 7- to 8-minute walk to most program areas.


Evergreen Campsite

Evergreen offers almost too many advantages to list! It is centrally located in one of the flattest sections of camp, with no more than a 7-to-8-minute walk to most program areas.


Fort Courage Campsite

If you can visualize the moon rising over Browning Pond at night, you have likely been to Fort Courage!


Hemlocks Campsite

If you want both privacy and scenery, Hemlocks is the campsite for you! Situated at the southern-most section of camp, on a shelf overlooking beautiful Browning Pond.


Hickory Campsite

Hickory is a centrally located campsite about halfway up the hill on Ridge Road. Connected by a number of trails as well as Ridge Road, it is no more than an 8 or 9 minute walk to most program areas.


High Mesa Campsite

High Mesa is situated along Snake River Road on one of the flattest sections of East Camp.


Katahdin Campsite

Located on the West Side of camp on the ridge of Thorn Apple Summit. This campsite offers a more remote campsite with no latrine or water.


Madore Campsite

Caution! If you’re camping in Madore, you might think you are the only unit in camp!


Pine Acres Campsite

Situated in one of the flattest sections of East Camp and nestled in a mature mixed pine and hardwood forest, Pine Acres is centrally located.


Sleepy Hollow Campsite

Sleepy Hollow is located toward the foot of the hill on Ridge Road and is closest to the Waterfront.


Tall Maples Campsite

Located more than halfway up the hill, to the south of Ridge Road, Tall Maples offers a great deal of privacy.


Thunderbird Campsite

One of the largest capacity campsites, Thunderbird is situated toward the northern end of East Camp on Snake River Road.



Eagle Lodge

The Eagle Lodge is a classic camp building at the foot of the Main Road in East Camp, adjacent to Pine Point and beautiful Browning Pond.


Mohegan Lodge

Mohegan Lodge is located near the Waterfront and is a bunkhouse with heat that allows units a warm place to sleep and do activities during the winter months.


Probus Lodge

The Probus Lodge is a small cozy building that can sleep 10 people and is not much bigger than Thoreau’s Cabin on Walden Pond.


Venture Lodge

The Venture Lodge is a fully heated building with running water and a small kitchen.


West Lodge

The West Lodge is a fully heated bunkhouse building with running water and a full kitchen.



Columbus Field

Located on the West side of camp, below the West Lodge and next to the Columbus Building, the field features a flag pole and no other amenities. Port-o-potties are included in weekend rentals.


East Lodge

The East Lodge is a building that contains a large hall capable of holding 200 people. Depending on the time of year, it also has a kitchen, running water, and bathrooms available. Kitchen must be booked separately.


North Field

The North Field is a clearing on the West Side of camp situated on the West side of the Snake River. It is a large space for tent camping.


North Pavilion

Pavilion located on the North side of Ridge Road, just above the Boonesville parking lot. Restrooms located just a short walk from the shelter at the Boonesville Latrine. Picnic tables provided with the shelter. Half barrels available on request.


South Pavilion

Pavilion located on the South side of Ridge Road, just above the Boonesville parking lot. Restrooms located just a short walk from the shelter at the Boonesville Latrine. Picnic tables provided with the shelter. Half barrels available on request.


Upper Boonesville

Upper Boonesville is an open tenting area for units. A composting toilet facility is located nearby.


Fall Foliage Photo Hikes

Are members of your group photographers? Spend a weekend at camp enjoying the fall foliage and taking pictures.

Hike the Midstate Trail

Price: $0 / access fee

At over 90 miles long, the Midstate Trail transverses Massachusetts from the Rhode Island to New Hampshire borders. This scenic footpath is highly accessible and includes sections that are both beginner as well as more advanced. The trail passes through the west side of Treasure Valley and is easily accessible to campers on the property. Campers at Camp Split Rock are only a short hike away to the a trailhead on the other side of Lake Winnekeag.