Sioux Campsite

The Sioux campsite is located on the western side of camp and is a large size campsite. This is the only campsite in camp with a direct view of the grand Mount Monadnock. The site is open and has plenty of space for your unit to spread out for the weekend. One of only a few campsite in camp that can be divided, the site is organized into Big Sioux and Little Sioux. Each part has a gathering area and fire pit for those endless evening campfires. Outfitted with tent platforms, the campsite also has a number of picnic tables to gather around. This is one of the only campsites with a small shelter to allow you to get out of bad weather. Water is available nearby at the campsite latrine while the centrally located shower house is only a few minutes away (Seasonal Water Availability). The campsite has access to the nearby composting restroom facility. Some cars can park near the campsite while maintaining emergency access. Other cars can park in in a small lot nearby or the western parking lot near the composting restroom.


Prices start at: $50 for 2 nights


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