Eagle Lodge

The Eagle Lodge is a classic camp building at the foot of the Main Road in East Camp, adjacent to Pine Point and beautiful Browning Pond. Once known as the Commissary, then as a bunkhouse, and more recently as a year-round Trading Post, the Eagle Lodge is once again a fall-winter-spring bunkhouse.

A large main room has nine double bunks for a total youth capacity of 18.  A separate adult bunk room has four single bunks.  Various tables and chairs are also provided.

The Eagle Lodge has electricity, wi-fi, and a wood stove for heating. Though the wood stove does a decent job, in very cold weather please ensure that all participants bring winter sleeping bags and have plenty of warm dry clothes. The building is handicapped accessible; if you require the ramp in times of heavy snow, please be sure to let us know.

The Eagle Lodge does not have bathrooms but the year-round Boonesville Restroom is a short walk away. Likewise, this building does not have a kitchen and cooking is not allowed indoors. Picnic tables are available nearby on Pine Point and units are encouraged to bring whatever shelters and cooking equipment they normally do for camping trips. If you would like half-barrels please let us know. Water is available at the Magee Lodge as is true for all of East Camp in the cold weather months.  In times of heavy snow, parking near the Eagle Lodge may be limited.


Magee Village

The Magee Village is a group of four small cabins perfect for your unit campout. Named after George Magee, three of the buildings were constructed to support a growing camp with funding from the George Magee Memorial Trust. One building was constructed with funds from Camp Alumni and is ADA accessible. The group of cabins has a fire pit and picnic tables for gathering together and cooking meals. Each cabin has three bunk beds with mattresses. A nearby composting restroom facility is just a few steps away. Water is available nearby and the camp shower house is just a short walk away. The cabins are NOT heated and can not support space heaters.

Dining Hall

The camp dining hall is located in the center of camp and is perfect for a large gathering. This building features ample seating for even the largest events. The fully stocked kitchen, complete with ovens, sinks, and refrigeration, can be used for your group’s family outing or fundraising bake sale. Hot and cold water is available between May and October, and cold water can be located at the Ranger’s house year round. (Use of the kitchen may be limited based on the operation of the water system.) A total of 120 people can gather in the building. The building is handicapped accessible and has heat available as well as a fire place.

Season Rates: March-October $200
November-February $300



Tom’s Cabin

Tom’s Cabin is located near the camp parking lot and two campsites. A large bunkhouse, the building has space for 28 using a mix of bunkbeds and folding cots. A pellet stove is used to supplement the electric heat used to heat the building. Pellet fuel is provided. There is a large fire pit nearby that can be used for evening campfires. The camp composting restroom facility is a short walk, as is year-round water at the Ranger’s House.

Nature/Briggs Lodge

The Briggs Lodge is a small cabin perfect for one patrol. Newly renovated, the building has space for 7 people in two rooms (5 & 2). The cabin has a mix of bunk beds and folding cots. A wood stove is in the building and provides ample heat from the camp’s split cord wood. A compositing restroom facility is a short walk away. Seasonal water is only a few feet away while year-round water is located at the Ranger’s House.

Magee Cabin (Waterfront)

The Magee Cabin (also known as the Waterfront Cabin) is located near the lake and dam. The building consists of one bunk room with space for 20 using a mix of bunk beds and folding cots. The building is insulated and has modern windows. A wood stove provides an ample heat source for the building while a nearby fire pit is great for campfires at night. A compositing restroom facility is located about 500′ away. Seasonal water is available less than 20′ away while year-round water can be found at the Ranger’s House.

Health Lodge

The Health Lodge is located nearby the Dining Hall and camp restroom facility. The building is divided into two rooms that sleep 7 and 2 each. Bunkbeds and folding cots are provided. There is no fire pit area nearby, but the cabin has a wood stove and access to the camp’s split cord wood. Water is available year-round at the Ranger’s House.

Bedard Cabin

The Bedard Cabin is a large bunkhouse style cabin with bunkbeds and a wood stove. A composting restroom facility is a few minutes away. Water is available nearby seasonally, while year-round water can be located at the Ranger’s house.

East Lodge

The East Lodge is a building that contains a large hall capable of holding 200 people. In years past it served as our dining hall currently it is one of our largest gathering spaces. Its walls are adorned with flags from units from the past. Depending on the time of year, it also has a kitchen, running water, and bathrooms available. Kitchen must be booked separately and overnight sleeping is not available in the building.

West Lodge

The West Lodge is a fully heated building with running water and a full kitchen. Upstairs contains a large hall, two bathrooms, and a small office with two bunks. The downstairs has bunks and can sleep up to 22 people. It is located right up the road from the Venture Lodge and offers views of Browning Pond from its perch in the winter. It is also located nearby to the trailhead and only a short walk from the pond.