Adirondack Shelters Site A

Adirondack Shelters are three-sided buildings with a roof. This site contains 3 Adirondacks. They sleep 6-8 people each, and have a fireplace right outside the building. They are located just over the bridge on the West Side of camp, nestled into the hillside. They offer a great opportunity for adventurous winter/fall campers. Our shelters provide warmth in all weather if a fire is kept going, unlike many who’s fire pits are positioned too far away and without any heat reflectors. This site must be rented with a minimum of 7 days prior to arrival so
Porto-o-potties can be ordered. (Porto-Potty cost included in weekend rental fee)


The Outpost campsite is located at the extreme northern end of camp and is perfect for the unit that wants to have a more primitive camping experience. The site is located right off of Upper Jaffrey Rd. and has a number of three-sided adirondacks with bunk beds (bring your own camp mattress). The site is open and has plenty of space for your unit to spread out for the weekend. The campsite has a gathering area and fire pit for those endless evening campfires. The campsite also has a number of picnic tables to gather around. Water is available at the Ranger’s house and the shower house is a short hike away (Seasonal Water Availability). Cars can park in the campsite as long as they are off the road. Additional vehicles need to be parked in one of the camp parking lots.