HNE Camps Covid-19 Protocols as of 9/1/21 (Current)

Heart of New England Council is offering cabin and tent campsites rentals for Camp Wanocksett and Treasure Valley Scout Reservation.

There are no waivers or size limits required at this time.

We are recommending the following:

  • Tenting should be done at 50% capacity. (Example-In a 2 person tent, 1 may tent. In a 4 person tent, 2 may tent, etc.)
  • Head to toe sleeping should be done.
  • Maximize ventilation in the tent.
  • Siblings can override the tent capacity protocol.
  • Masks should be worn indoors with the exception of eating, drinking and sleeping.
  • Frequent handwashing and/or sanitizing should be conducted.
  • As much as possible, follow social distancing.

Note: Unit leaders should be screening for COVID-19 symptoms and families should not send their children to camp with their units if they exhibit any of the following symptoms: fever or chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

Out of State Travel is currently permitted.

HNE Camps Reopening as of Sept. 2020

For Current COVID-19 protocols please update dated 9/2/21

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has announced that the stay at home advisory has been rescinded as of January 25th. Effective Friday, February 5, 2021, Heart of New England Council will be reopening Camp Wanocksett and Treasure Valley Scout Reservation to overnight camping.

Cabins and tents sites are available for rental. Please review the COVID-19 Camping Guidance before booking your accommodations. Units must bring a printed and signed copy of the agreement to check-in, along with a signed individual waiver for each person, and completed unit roster.

The following size limits for gatherings are in effect:

  • Indoor Gatherings – Limited to 10 people, including a 2 adult minimum
  • Outdoor Day Gatherings – Limited to 25 people, including a 2 adult minimum
  • Overnight Camping – Limited to cohort patrols of 12 people, including a 2 adult minimum
    • Campsites have a limit to the number of cohort patrols they can hold. Units may bring multiple cohort patrols but MUST operate independently of one another and can not cross pollinate.
Camp WanocksettTreasure Valley
Abnaki – 2 patrols
Apache – 3 patrols
Arrowhead – 1 patrol
Blackfoot – 2 patrols
Chippewa – 1 patrol
Crow – 1 patrol
Iroquois – 3 patrols
King Philip – 2 patrols
Kiowa – 1 patrol
Merrimac – 2 patrols
Monadnock – 1 patrol
Nipmuc – 1 patrol
Outpost – 1 patrol
Rotary – 3 patrols
Sioux – 3 patrols
Adirondack Site A – 1 patrol
Arrow – 2 patrols
Baden-Powell – 1 patrol
Chippewa – 2 patrols
Evergreen – 4 patrols
Fort Courage – 3 patrols
Hemlocks – 3 patrols
Hickory – 2 patrols
High Mesa – 3 patrols
Katahdin – 2 patrols
Madore – 3 patrols
Pine Acres – 4 patrols
Sleepy Hollow – 2 patrols
Tall Maples – 2 patrols
Thunderbird – 2 patrols

As always, Scouts and Scouters are reminded to follow all state and local travel restrictions when going to and returning from HNE camps.

All previous announced COVID-19 restrictions continue to be in effect.

Temporary Camp Closure

On Tuesday, November 17th, the Executive Committee of the Heart of New England Council met to discuss, among other topics, the on-going global pandemic and our responsibility as an organization. In an effort to do our part in mitigating the spread of this virus, the committee voted unanimously to suspend all camping and program at Council properties including Camp Split Rock, Treasure Valley Scout Reservation, and Camp Wanocksett.

The Council Service Center and National Scout Shop will remain open for normal business but will not host meetings or trainings at the site.

No date to re-open camp or program has been identified, however, the committee will revisit the decision in the beginning of 2021.

Units may continue meeting and holding activities at sites where they are permitted while continuing to follow the orders and guidance of local, state, and federal authorities. The BSA has also created a Restart Scouting Checklist, which is helpful for individual units to determine their path to continuing the Scouting program.

We understand the frustration this and other decisions may cause. Together we will get through this challenging period. Your continued patience, kindness, and understanding are appreciated and your ability to continually find new and creative methods to keep Scouting active in your community is admirable.

Please contact us with any questions at

Updated COVID-19 Camping Guidelines

Due to COVID-19 guidelines in the state of MA, the number of patrols of 12 per campsite will vary depending on the size of the campsite. See new COVID-19 campsite capacities by clicking the link below. Please choose the campsite that best fits the number of Scouts and adults on your roster.

Packs, Troops, Crews, and Posts may go short-term camping in Massachusetts while following COVID-19 and BSA policies. Camping in other states will require that units follow all guidelines of any state traveled through including entry/re-entry. Chartering organizations must also approve any in-person gatherings including overnight camping. Social distancing policies are always to be followed including, but not limited to, wearing a face covering and social distancing with at least six feet of separation. Units must be grouped into patrols of 12. In addition to following our youth protection guidelines, sleeping arrangements must keep individual households separate; in many situations this will require a tent for each individual.