Updated COVID-19 Camping Guidelines

Due to COVID-19 guidelines in the state of MA, the number of patrols of 12 per campsite will vary depending on the size of the campsite. See new COVID-19 campsite capacities by clicking the link below. Please choose the campsite that best fits the number of Scouts and adults on your roster.

Packs, Troops, Crews, and Posts may go short-term camping in Massachusetts while following COVID-19 and BSA policies. Camping in other states will require that units follow all guidelines of any state traveled through including entry/re-entry. Chartering organizations must also approve any in-person gatherings including overnight camping. Social distancing policies are always to be followed including, but not limited to, wearing a face covering and social distancing with at least six feet of separation. Units must be grouped into patrols of 12. In addition to following our youth protection guidelines, sleeping arrangements must keep individual households separate; in many situations this will require a tent for each individual.