High Mesa Campsite

High Mesa is situated along Snake River Road on one of the flattest sections of East Camp. It is closest to Ecology-Conservation, Magee Lodge (first aid station), Brown Sea Island (first year camper program), and Scoutcraft. Welcoming larger-sized units, High Mesa has tents for 42 Scouts, arranged in a large semi-circle. Two leader tents hold a maximum of three adults each. Extra-large units may also be able to use an eight-Scout patrol site situated part way between High Mesa and Pine Acres. High Mesa is a designated unit cooking campsite, and the hard-roofed shelter has the cooking extension with a food storage cabinet and a propane stove, griddle, and hot water heater. The site also includes a pit tank latrine. Both the latrine and hard-roofed shelter have solar powered LED lighting systems (summer only). This campsite is available for fall-winter-spring camping. Though Snake River Road is plowed in winter, the access road to the campsite is not.


Prices start at: $50 for 2 nights


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