Hemlocks Campsite

If you want both privacy and scenery, Hemlocks is the campsite for you! Situated at the southern-most section of camp, on a shelf overlooking beautiful Browning Pond, it is closest to the Waterfront, Handicrafts, Sports, and Trading Post. Hemlocks has five patrols sites with a total capacity of 40 Scouts. There are two leader tents holding a maximum of three adults each. There is a pit tank latrine. Hemlocks is a designated troop cooking campsite with a cooking extension. The cooking extension now includes a food storage cabinet and a propane stove, griddle, and hot water heater. Both the latrine and hard-roofed shelter have solar powered LED lighting systems (summer only). This campsite is available for fall and spring camping. This campsite is NOT available for winter camping when there is snow on the ground.



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