Fort Courage Campsite

If you can visualize the moon rising over Browning Pond at night, you have likely been to Fort Courage! One of the original West Camp campsites, Fort Courage was resurrected in 2017. Located in one of the few flat spots in West Camp, this campsite offers a spectacular view overlooking Browning Pond. It has four patrol sites of five tents each, with two additional two-person tents, for a total capacity of 44 individuals.  The site includes A pit tank latrine and includes two hot water shower stalls (summer only) and solar powered LED lighting (also summer only). Fort Courage does not currently have a hard-roofed shelter. This campsite is available for fall-winter-spring camping, though in winter the access road is plowed only as far as Venture Lodge. However, parking is in the large West Camp parking lot.



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