West Lodge

The West Lodge is a fully heated building with running water and a full kitchen. Upstairs contains a large hall, two bathrooms, and a small office with two bunks. The downstairs has bunks and can sleep up to 22 people. It is located right up the road from the Venture Lodge and offers views of Browning Pond from its perch in the winter. It is also located nearby to the trailhead and only a short walk from the pond.

Venture Lodge

The Venture Lodge is a fully heated building with running water and a small kitchen. It has bunks and can sleep up to 28 people in several rooms. These rooms hold between 4 and 8 people each. In addition it contains two bathrooms equipped with showers, and two conference rooms. The Venture Lodge is located on the West Side of camp in one of our more “removed” locations. It is conveniently located at the trailhead for many of our West Side trails.

Mohegan Lodge

A large main room has eight double bunks for a capacity of 26 youth. This main room eventually will have a folding wall allowing separate quarters for male and female youth as needed. There are two adult bunk rooms each sleeping five individuals. If one of the adult bunk rooms is not needed by a particular unit, youth may be housed there as well. Tables, chairs, and wi-fi are also available in this building.

The Mohegan Lodge is heated with a propane-fired forced hot air heating system. This facility is intended primarily as a warm place to sleep and do limited activities in cold-weather months. The Mohegan Lodge does not have bathrooms but the year-round Boonesville Restroom is a short walk away. Likewise, this building does not have a kitchen and cooking is not allowed indoors. Half-barrels and picnic tables are available outdoors and units are encouraged to bring whatever shelters and cooking equipment they normally do for camping trips. Water is available at the Magee Lodge as is true for all of East Camp in the cold weather months. Parking areas near the Mohegan Lodge are plowed in winter.

Units seeking heated amenities including kitchen, dining, bathrooms, and showers are welcome to rent the West Lodge and/or Venture Lodge.