Sports Field

The sports field is located at the southernmost end of camp and is a large, flat grassy field accessible to vehicles and campers. There are multiple fire pit areas that your unit can use for late night campfires. The camp composting restroom facility is about 900′ away and is accessible by a trail that runs parallel to the road. Water is available at the Ranger’s House year-round.

Upper Boonesville

Upper Boonesville is an open tenting area for units. A composting toilet facility is located nearby.

North Field

The North Field is a clearing on the West Side of camp situated on the West side of the Snake River. It is a large space for tent camping. Similar to Katahdin, it does not have a latrine or running water. This site must be rented with a minimum of 7 days prior to arrival so
Porto-o-potties can be ordered. (Porto-Potty cost included in weekend rental fee)

Columbus Field

Located on the West side of camp, below the West Lodge and next to the Columbus Building, the field features a flag pole and no other amenities. Port-o-potties are included in weekend rentals.